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Her current employer has employed Barai for six years. She has, at times, combined this employment with work at an acute care center.

Following graduation from pharmacy school, she began her work as a pharmacist in a CVS pharmacy, then moved on to two other local pharmacies, and is now a long-term care pharmacist.

Gopika Barai attended elementary school in her New Jersey hometown of Westfield. She graduated from Union County Magnet Institution, the second-ranked school in New Jersey. Barai had access to various advanced placement courses and exams on campus, preparing her for pharmacy school’s arduous labor. The application process for admission to the magnet school is challenging, with an acceptance rate of approximately 33%.

She picked the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia Pharmacy School for college. Saint Joseph’s Institution has now amalgamated with the private university. Barai attended the oldest pharmacy school in the United States, which provided a variety of degrees in the field of pharmacy and other healthcare-related studies during the time she attended.

A pharmaceutical job is tough. Regulations are precise. The rules are stringent, leaving no room for error.

Gopika Barai began her professional career as a pharmacist at CVS. A corporate chain pharmacy requires a full-day commitment to patient care. Care gaps are uncommon, as the pharmacist juggles individual requests, controls pharmacy inventory, supervises pharmacy workers, and offers other vital services, such as immunizations. The position needs meticulousness, intense concentration, and critical thinking. Alert pharmacists are frequently required to alert patients of potential drug interactions, provide necessary cautions, and provide essential healthcare information or direction for other over-the-counter products in the pharmacy area. At CVS and in her different pharmacy-based positions, Barai meticulously managed these aspects with the patient’s interests in mind.

As a pharmacist, Barai was at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic’s different and recurring waves. During the darkest days of the epidemic, she offered to give coverage at an acute inpatient institution that struggled to obtain workers. Her compassion for patients in need is a defining characteristic of her job.


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